We do Marketing, Product Design, and Customer Journey differently.

We do it by using a behavioral economics approach.

Behavioral Design helps you change people’s behavior in 3 ways:


Make people do more of a behavior (e.g., buy your product, make an account)


Make people do less of a behavior (e.g., leave the page/ meeting without buying)


Make people do a behavior differently (e.g., try your new product with a new technology)

1. Understand the Problem
2. Establish the Outcome
3. Explore the Context
4. Propose Interventions and Test
5. Measure and Scale

As a professional, Behavioral Science can help:

  • Gain insights into people’s behavior
  • Tailor messages for more targeted results
  • Correlate data with behavior insights for practical tactics
  • Make messages, flows, and journeys more human-oriented
  • Transform marketing, communication, and sales efforts
  • Be one of the few who changes behavior based on how people make decisions

As an individual, Behavioral Science can help:

  • Improve your decision-making skills
  • Understand the motivations behind your behavior
  • Understanding other peoples’ behavior
  • Design and implement strategies for achieving goals

Why Behavi Lab?

Why Emilia?

Hello 👋,

I’m Emilia Zăinel, a Behavioral Designer and Experimentation Scientist.

I have multidisciplinary studies. Since high school, I have had a mind that searches and learns various fields.

After just a few meetings with Emilia, I was ready to move forward with our first assignment. She proved to be more than capable of tackling complex problems and provided me with tons of value in understanding my users and optimizing certain flows. I highly recommend her if you’re running any business!
Claudiu Cioba
CEO & Founder Videowise
Her commitment to delivering qualitative and quantitative research on our leads, coupled with her analysis, provided useful insights into our customers’ behavior. Emilia demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and a strong dedication to meeting our objectives. Her promptness and adaptability contributed to the success of our collaboration.
Alexandru Ghiță
President FINS & The Entrepreneurship Academy
Emilia’s knowledge, input, sharp mindset, and methodical approach were key contributors to the overall success of each initiative. Her unique personality and well-balanced attitude made each experience one to be remembered.
Silviu Andrei Petran
Managing Director Exploratist
She was very professional and along with any feedback gave practical suggestions and recommendations to improve the end product.
She was very easy to work with and knowledgeable on the topic of Applied Behavioral Science.
Troy Andrews
PresentationPersuasion.com, Executive Presentation Coach
She is very thorough, balanced, logical, and has great critical thinking skills. I recommend her for any talent development/training/workshops design or delivery on cognitive skills and competencies.
Armina Sîrbu
International Trainer, Digital Learning Architect
She is well prepared and helpful. Proactivity is one of her best skills. She knows how to work hard and respect deadlines.
Andrea Adamo
Co-founder 3minutesjobs.com

Some of my clients


Hey there! I’m Emilia Zainel, the proud owner of Behavi Lab, a specialized behavioral science and economics consultancy in Bucharest, Romania. Our main goal is to dive deep into the underlying human behavior factors that impact your organization and provide tailor-made solutions to boost your business outcomes.

Great question! Behavioral science is an exciting and diverse field that studies human behavior, decision-making, and cognitive processes. So, at Behavi Lab, we take those juicy insights and use them to analyze and understand the behaviors of your customers, employees, and stakeholders. And guess what? By applying these behavioral science principles, we can supercharge your business strategies, increase engagement, increase conversions, and elevate your overall performance!

I totally get it! You want to know how we can make a real difference. Well, let me tell you, at Behavi Lab, our services are like a magic wand for your business challenges. Whether you’re struggling with marketing, sales, customer experience, optimizing processes, or team performance, we’ve got your back! By digging deep into the behaviors of your target audience, we’ll craft personalized interventions and strategies that’ll drive exactly the results you’re after. Get ready to see some serious improvements!

We’re super flexible regarding projects! Whether you need a quick one-week consultation or a more extensive months-long collaboration, we have options for everyone. And hey, if you’re looking for ongoing support, we can even be your full-time behavioral science squad! The duration and scope of the project are all about what works best for you and your business.

Our behavioral design process is like a secret recipe for success. We’ll dive headfirst into understanding your unique business context, identify any behavioral bottlenecks, and cook up strategies tailored just for you. Think of data-driven, evidence-based interventions that drive measurable improvements in your business metrics and overall performance. You can expect a journey of discovery and transformation, all backed by science.

Sure 😊. We have two types of projects for you. 1. Behavioral Experimentation – where we can work on a unique project with a fixed price and easy implementation. 2. Or you can try a Nudge Project – a short consultancy video about your specific challenge.

Just contact us through our website, schedule a meeting here, or email us at hello@behavilab.com. We’ll initiate a chat to dive deep into your specific challenges and requirements. After that, we’ll create a personalized proposal with all the details – scope of work, timeline, and cost. Once you give us the green light, we’ll roll up our sleeves and work on transforming your business with the power of behavioral science!

I know it can be a bit tricky to introduce something new, but fear not; we’ve got your back! We’ll provide you with all the resources, case studies, and success stories you need to show them the true potential of behavioral science. And if that’s not enough, we can even run workshops and presentations to get everyone on board. Trust me, once they see the results we can achieve together, they’ll be as excited as I am about the power of behavioral science!