Behavi Customer Journey & Experience

Behavi Customer Journey & Experience

Are you looking to improve your customer’s experience and journey?

Do you want to understand their behavior and actions to create an extraordinary experience that keeps them returning for more?

Behavi Lab specializes in helping businesses like yours gain insight into their customers’ behavior and use that information to optimize and improve the customer journey. Whether you’re looking to build better flows or discover what truly motivates your customers, we have the expertise and experience to help.

Some specific examples of why businesses hire us:


Onboarding Experience

Analyzing the onboarding experience for customers or employees and modifying the flow for amazing experience and retention.


End Experience

Using Easiness and Peak-End Rules to create memorable customer and employee experiences.


Engage Clients

Transforming inactive users into active users by understanding their experience and changing the flows based on the human decision process.


Customer Journey

Auditing digital and physical spaces to understand each behavioral step customers had to take and eliminate the bottlenecks.


Optimizing Flows

Operations are the core of a scalable business. We optimize flows based on cognitive biases and habit formation from behavioral science.


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