Behavioral Experimentation

Pick my brain for Behavioral Experimentation!

Behavioral Experimentation in 5 Steps!

1. Book a meeting and tell me the context where you want to experiment with behavioral science.

2. I will come back with experimentation proposals that are easy to implement and measure.

3. We chose from the list what is appropriate for your context.

4. Green lights for the experiments.

5. We look at the results and scale what worked.

Step 1 – Book a meeting

That’s it. It’s just one step this time 😊.

Inspiration for projects:

  • Ads improvement
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Email Marketing/ LP experiments
  • Nudge Management
  • App nudges
  • LinkedIn experiments (content, presentation)
  • Changing User/Customer Journey
  • BeSci principles for presentations
  • Pricing psychological principles
  • Environment restructuring for the explicit purpose
  • Others

This project is for you if:

* are open-minded to try new things

* are curious by nature

* are not afraid to fail

* believe that behavioral science needs a shot  

* don’t need 20 people’s approval to start this project

Let’s meet if you answered YES to at least 3 out of 5. 🙂

This is a one-time project with a one-time fee.

We can do longer projects if we like each other after this speed date. 😉

Some companies did behavioral science with us: