NUDGE Projects

Not sure where to start?

Let’s start working on a SMALL and QUICK based on NUDGING.


1. We have a short conversation about your challenge

2. We’ll research and come back with some practical nudges for your challenge (20 minutes video or 1-2 page deliverable)

3. You can implement those and enjoy the results

Why is this a very good approach to working with us?

  • You know what you get
  • It takes a little commitment on your part
  • It requires a small budget
  • You can use the nudges in other contexts too
  • If you’re happy, we can work on other big challenges that you have

Nudge Projects Examples

  1. A quick analysis of your ads (with practical tips to improve them)
  2. Feedback on a marketing campaign based on BeSci principles
  3. Changing Emails openers, titles, body, CTA, etc.
  4. Behavioral Science (BeSci) principles to use on your LP
  5. Modify short website texts/buttons/design based on your outcome
  6. BeSci principles for your CV, LinkedIn Page, Company Page, etc.
  7. Identify and remove friction in the user experience
  8. BeSci principles for any presentations
  9. Feedback for your package pricing based on behavioral economics principles
  10. Others

We work in Romanian and English also.

The project has a fixed fee (€50, without VAT).


Choose a short introductory meeting