Behavi Research

Behavi Research

Are you looking for a way to gain deeper insights into your customers’ behavior through qualitative and quantitative research?

Do you have data that needs a fresh perspective to be fully understood and interpreted?

Behavi Lab can help you by providing behavioral research services to businesses like yours. Our standard research methods include offline and online interviews, phone calls, direct behavior observation, surveys, and more.

By connecting the numbers with behavior, we can give you valuable insights to help you better understand your customers and make data-driven decisions.

Some specific examples of why businesses hire us:


Customer Interviews

By researching why they don’t buy or what makes them buy, we find behavioral and psychological reasons and act accordingly.


Product Perception

Interviews, Observations, and Surveys to understand people’s perceptions of a product (website, platform, app, content, physical product, etc.).



To find solutions in behavioral science literature or validate/invalidate startup ideas.


Physical Context Observations

How do people interact with a space/ product, what are the frictions and behavioral motivations, and how to change people’s behavior.


Market Research

For positioning as a brand and marketing strategy (go-to-market).


Your IDEA Here

My type of research includes:


A/B Testing

Pre and Post Experiment

Communications Exposure Impact


Behavioral Observation

Behavioral Diaries

Intercept Interviews (interviews in real context with users)

Data sets (interpretation of):

Behavioral Data Sets

Online Passive Metering

In the Moment Surveys

Let’s work together to uncover the insights you need to take your business to the next level.

Some companies did research with us: