Training Services

Training Services

We offer three types of Workshops and Masterclasses for your employees/participants.

1. Unconscious Biases Workshops & Masterclass

* In Diversity and Inclusion

* For Management Teams

* For HR Teams

* For Product Management Teams

* For Other Types of Departments

We use the ADEO Method, The CEP Strategy, The RED Model, Critical Thinking Models, and other tools to help your employees gain awareness of cognitive biases and overcome them developing a critical thinking mindset.

We successfully deliver these workshops to Philip Morris, NN, Provident, Brink’s, and others. We worked on similar topics related to decision-making through our partners with Janssen, Hochland, Bricodepot, Exploratist, Educativa, Fundatia Umanitara Concordia, and others.

2. Behavioral Design Workshops & Masterclass

If you want to apply behavioral science in your organization, we can help you with that. This workshop will be useful for you to have a better understanding of human behavior. You will receive and apply practical tools to identify behaviors you want to change in your organization or with your customers and build interventions yourself.

3. Team Coaching

Do you care about your team’s well-being and performance? Now it’s time to do something about it.

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What my clients say about working with Emilia

”Emilia’s knowledge, input, sharp mindset, and methodical approach were key contributors to the overall success of each initiative. Her unique personality and well-balanced attitude made each experience one to be remembered.”

Silviu Andrei Petran, Managing Director Exploratist

”She is very thorough, balanced, logical, and has great critical thinking skills. I recommend her for any talent development/training/workshops design or delivery on cognitive skills and competencies.”

Armina Sîrbu, International Trainer, Digital Learning Architect

I’ve met Emilia last year at an online international kick-off project. What stood out was her adaptability to the ever-changing format and her way with the participants. To the point and structure are 2 keywords that I would grant her. Also, from a trainer’s perspective, she knows how to play well in a large group of new faces.”,

Tibi Borza, Co-founder MindOFF Group