About Me

Why Behavi Lab?

Why Emilia?

Hello 👋,

I’m Emilia Zăinel, the proud owner of Behavi Lab.

I have multidisciplinary studies.

Since high school, I have had a mind that searches and learns various fields

—starting with science, graduating in journalism and philosophy, and developing skills over 13 years in behavioral economics, behavioral science, decision-making, entrepreneurship, instructional designing, and training.

Since childhood, I’ve loved observing people; today, I use all the insights I’ve gathered. I am in touch with my field daily and follow the latest case studies and discoveries in Behavioral Economics.

I use frameworks developed by experts all around the globe in behavioral science and economics – COM-B Model, STD, The Hook Model, etc.

From 2023, I teach Customer Behavior at Digital Hub Academy.

My credo:

Almost everything is about human behavior. Our trouble in this world is because we don’t understand human behavior. Behavioral Economics it’s a field of experimentation. Some things work, and others don’t. With enough perseverance, we can discover psychological insights to help us long-term.

The last courses that I graduated from were:

  • Learn SIDE™️ the applied behavioral science process, BeSci.io (Behavioral Science in organizations)
  • Changing Behaviour for Sustainable Development
  • BehaviourWorks Australia
  • Behavioral Economics & Psychology in Marketing, MINDWORX
  • Behavioral Economics for Better Public Policies, BIDAcademy
  • Behavioral Economics in Action, University of Toronto
  • Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics, Columbia University, and others.

See my personal website: www.emiliazainel.ro


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