Unveiling Customer Insights: Optimizing Hot Leads Conversion for a Marketing Manager

The Challenge

As a Marketing Manager, our client struggled to understand why hot leads from the product website did not convert into customers. The digital marketing agency had acquired these leads through organic and paid efforts, but conversion rates were not as expected. To uncover the underlying reasons and gain valuable insights, the client sought the expertise of our behavioral design agency to conduct customer interviews.

The Process

To address this challenge and unlock critical customer insights, we implemented a strategic process:

  • Method Selection: Collaboratively with the client, we determined that customer interviews would be the most effective method to gather valuable information about the hot leads. This allowed us to gain in-depth perspectives directly from potential customers.
  • Randomized Interviews: To ensure unbiased results, we randomized the phone numbers and conducted over 50 user interviews, including two distinct target audiences. This provided us with a diverse range of perspectives and experiences.
  • Understanding User Context: We delved into the users’ motivations for visiting the website and their expectations during the interviews. This helped us identify potential friction points and understand the gaps between user expectations and the website’s offerings.
  • Assessing Marketing Agency Impact: Besides understanding the users, we also aimed to assess the effects of the marketing agency’s efforts on lead generation and customer perceptions.

The Results

Our thorough customer interviews yielded valuable insights, categorizing hot leads into distinct user groups with varying needs and motivations:

  • Identifying User Categories: We discovered 5-6 main user categories, each with unique needs and reasons for visiting the website. Understanding these distinctions allowed us to tailor strategies for better engagement.
  • Recommendations for the Marketing Manager: Armed with these insights, we presented detailed recommendations to the Marketing Manager. These insights included refining target audiences, optimizing messaging, and enhancing the customer journey.
  • Strategy Building: Utilizing our recommendations, the Marketing Manager devised a comprehensive strategy to address the identified patterns. This involved aligning lead generation efforts more closely with the product’s target audience and improving based on the customer journey findings.


Through our in-depth customer interviews and actionable recommendations, the Marketing Manager gained a deep understanding of the hot leads’ perspectives and expectations. Armed with these insights, the client crafted a targeted strategy to enhance lead conversion rates and effectively align their marketing efforts. By prioritizing customer-centric approaches, the marketing team ensured improved engagement.

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