How does a Behavioral Economist look at a business?

Behavioral Science is a way of looking at a business

How often did you find a solution before discovering more about the situation?

I did that a million times before practicing Behavioral Science (BeSci).

I had to discipline myself.

Before applying any framework, I observe the context or talk with people.

This is how BeSci differs from other approaches in business.

This is why BeSci is not very appealing. We don’t propose SOLUTIONS from the first conversation.

You can go to a:
·      marketer,
·      doctor,
·      lawyer,
·      business consultant,
·      translator,
·      accountant,
·      web designer, etc.,
and ask specific things, and they will give you a solution.

I’m not saying that sometimes it’s not best to have a specific answer since some fields are already established. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

But there are many times when looking through the situation with the BiSci lenses is necessary.

Here is how we do our job as Behavioral Science Practitioners

You can spread your efforts in many places. But the times it’s short.
You need to be smart about what to focus on to be focused. And to learn to do it, you need a person who knows BeSci.  

Or at least to be curious and read something about it.

Check the PDF bellow To learn more about how a behavioral science practitioner look at a business 

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