Market Validation: Turning Custom Solutions into Scalable Success

The Challenge

The client had a BtoB customer who asked for a customized solution for traveling. He wanted to determine if this solution could solve similar customer problems. He hired us to confirm/infirm the hypothesis before turning the customized solution into something scalable.

The Process

We went methodically to discover if there’s a market for this kind of solution.

We started researching the problem that the traveling solution was addressing. Then, we narrowed down the companies that would be potential clients and did problem-discovery interviews with them. We gathered all the data about the problem, how travel companies perceive it, how they solve it today, and if they were willing to pay for my client’s solution.

The Results

The results were unfavorable for scaling the solution and losing a lot of money trying to gain traction. We saved the client a lot of money.

In conclusion, we unearthed invaluable insights through exhaustive research and targeted problem-discovery interviews. The verdict was clear: while the customized solution addressed a specific need, scaling posed challenges that could have resulted in significant losses. Our ability to make data-driven decisions saved our client resources and highlighted the power of informed choices.

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